Monday, April 26, 2010

Overheard on a Sunday Morning...

Once upon a time there was a family...
A family of TORPEDOS!!

And there were 3 brother torpedos and a big ol' daddy torpedo.  Mostly the daddy torpedo showed up to yell "STOPPIT SONS, THAT'S DANGEROUS!!!"

But then there was a crisis because aliens landed and attacked...Iowa.  So the torpedos dashed off to rescue Iowa.  It was a very noisy battle.  There were many explosions.  Spit, I mean, shrappnel was flying everywhere.  The aliens were vanquished, and left in a hurry.

But then there was a problem because one of the torpedos decided NOT to invite another torpedo to his birthday party.  Negotiations were tense and almost tearful.  Finally Mommy intervened.  Now we have a family rule that all torpedos are invited to all parties.  Happiness ensued.

And you thought they were just pool toys...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Danielle's 9 Month Pictures

Momentous day!  Danielle is now 9 months old. 

Such bright blue eyes, such a trusting expression

Nicely Framed by the Mesa Temple

This is a good capture of her personality.  She delights in being delighted, and smiles so long as I hold her...constantly.

Her lovely features--a cupid's bow on her lips.

"Whacha doin laying on the ground, Mom?"
"Trying to seize the day, Love."
"You're just lucky I'm too young to be embarrassed of you in public."
"Exactly my point, my dear."

So, nine month milestones:
  • She has been out of the womb longer than in it
  • I am supposed to be back to prepregnancy weight.  (So close!  Just 3 more pounds...)
  • It is time to start freaking out a little that she is not crawling. (Or is it?  My boys may have skewed my perspective--they were all soooo eager to get going.) What do you think?

And most importantly of all, I need to really just enjoy her even more, because the next time I turn around, she will be out of the baby stage, and become a vivacious toddler (which is also cool, but still).

Happy Easter!
Inspiration here and here

Friday, April 2, 2010

Introducing Holly

This is my friend Holly.  Isn't she lovely?

You'll never guess how many kids she has.

Six!  Six little ones. 
She has lots of responsibilities.

And yet she still has time to have fun and be silly.

She leads a balanced life.  She is giving and selfless, but also takes good care of herself.

My 3 favorite things about Holly:

1.  She is a good listener.  You have to be a little careful around her or you'll find yourself pouring out your deepest darkest secrets with little or no provocation.  There's something about those green eyes!

2.  She is funny.  The only pictures from this photo shoot I had to delete were the ones where she was saying something funny after I told her she looked lovely.

3.  She makes motherhood look good.  Motherhood does NOT equal FRUMPY DUMPY AND GRUMPY! We need more motherhood ambassadors like her.

One more thing...this is a woman who has her priorities in order!  She is a Mother in Zion.