Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Guess who's about to turn 6 months old?

How can it be?  Seems shorter, and yet seems like much much longer.  Was she ever not a part of this family?  Awareness flinches at the thought.

Dearest Danielle,

Thank you, darling, for consistently being the bright spot in my day.  Nobody can coo like you. 
And your smiles are worth a golden Buddha, every one.
Even if you do klonk me in the face with your chubby mitts every time I feed you...
And claw me with the little nails that are so nerve-wracking to clip.
I love you so!

(maybe I should spell it Mahmi, it is afterall, a nickname....)

P.S. Small one, it is time to start growing some hair!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trouble in Christmas Town

We made this little Christmas village out of gingerbread.  It was a nice little town, simple yet homey.  Unfortunately it had very little time to live out its short destiny--less than 24 hours as a matter of fact.

Oh, the carnage!

Absolutely unconscioncable!

(By the way, notice Joey's completely ridiculous eyelashes...it's amazing the child can even keep his eyes open under the weight of those puppies.)

P.B.  (Post Blog, of course) All the credit for this year's gingerbread event goes to James, who made these with the guys while I was down with the flu.  Thanks hon!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Role Reversal

A couple of nights ago I had a nightmare.  I was swimming with Adam (who is a non-swimmer) and he had slipped under the surface of the water.  And I couldn't find him.  Trauma!  I awoke in a panic--EXREMELY agitated.  There was to be no falling peacefully back to dreamyland.  I tried to re-enter my dream and give it a happy ending, but it didn't work.  (How come that never works?) 

So after laying there, miserably awake for a good long while, I finally decided to go check on him.  I laid down on his bed and just watched his little chest rise and fall with each breath.  He is okay.  He is fine.   Finally he rolled over and looked at me.


"I had a bad dream," I explained.

"Well, Mommy, it was just a dream, and now it's time for you to go back into your own bed."

And so I ended up walking back down the hall, scratching my head and thinking that something seemed just a little out of place here...

All hail the indisputable King of Precociousland.

Long live the King!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Who Does She Look Like?

People often ask me who Danielle looks like the most.  They mean James or I, of course.  But look:

Danielle 4 months

Sam at 4 months

She looks most like her doting big brother!