Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Surprise! Surprise!

We just had a lovely visit with James' parents--Wayne and Sandy. 
It was the very best part of Christmas, in my book.

And the best of the BEST was this:
Imagine you live a billion miles away from your children, who each happen to live in separate states.  Then you rustle up the frequent flyer miles to go visit one of them.  Then while you are there, the doorbell rings unexpectedly, and THERE right before your eyes is one of your OTHER children with their 5 beautiful kids.  I bet you'd be surprised.  I bet your face would look just like this:

First you would be shocked to your foundation
(although the fact that your daughter-in-law had been wearing her camera for at least an hour might have given rise to slight suspicion, if you're the suspicious type).

Then you would probably begin to feel great joy.
Beloved grand-daughter Megan is now on the scene! (Wonder where she got her red hair?)

 Then you might realize that your mouth had been open REALLY wide.
 Then you might get kind of teary and say something like "Oh You...[sneaky sneak beloved daughter-in-law]."  Although the whole thing was probably organized by your sneaky sneak twin sons, if you have them.

And if you DO have grown-up twin sons, then you probably wouldn't be too shocked that within 30 min. they'd be discussing fart apps for their smart phones.  As in, you jiggle your leg and the amazing motion-sensitive thing makes *ahem* a noise.

Families--gotta love 'em.

James on the left.

P.S. Here is a lovely picture I got of Sandy while she was here.  Hopefully it will make her forgive me for the goofy ones I posted earlier.

Isn't she lovely?

P.P.S  Wayne was surprised too.