Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We have had some pretty big steps taken by young men in our household recently!
(Anything in the last 2 months is recently to me.)

Sam got braces.

It is not that we are freaking out about the aesthetics of his merely 8 year-old smile, it is that he had a pretty bad cross bite that needed braces, in addition to a palate expander. He's been very stalwart about the braces. They're no prob! The palate expander, on the other hand, has us all longing for ear plugs at the dinner, table. *Ssssshllurp!*

Joey lost his first regularly-scheduled tooth.

He is eating gingerly these days, with 2 more wiggly teeth getting ready to launch.

Adam learned to pee into an empty water-bottle.

It was an emergency...a DIRE emergency. We were STUCK in a traffic jam, surrounding by witnesses, and the pitch of his whimpering warned me that we only had about 30 more seconds to disaster. What was a mommy to do? He didn't spill one drop--what a champ!

No mommy could be more proud.

Be sure to expand this picture, because it's a great one.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Check out the massive cuteness:

We got new suits for the boys, and I thought they were sooo GQ!
These guys are my personal armed bodyguards.

"Lybi's Angels"

How could any woman not feel like a princess walking into church with so many dashing excorts?