Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spotlight on Adam

Check out the puppy eyes! 
 This little guy is just starting kindergarten.  He loves to learn, and can remember things very easily.  Because his birthday is in January, he was in our church's nursery until he was nearly 4 years-old.  By that time he could recite the 1st 4 Articles of Faith, which surprised his leaders a lot.

Doesn't this picture make you want to tickle him?   He's a goof, and he loves to laugh.  His specialty right now is knock-knock jokes that are not funny, but nevertheless still provoke laughter because he is so exhuberant about joke-telling.  Most of the punchlines have something to do with an eyeball. 

Last Christmas he asked Santa for a pet squid.
He was disappointed.

Look how green his eyes look in this picture!  His eyes are sloooooowly turning green.  How is that possible?  James and I both have very blue eyes.  Maybe it is because green is his FAVORITE color, and he is VERY SAD if he must ever drink from a cup or eat from a plate that is not green.

I love my sweet and silly Adam-boy.