Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Surprise! Surprise!

We just had a lovely visit with James' parents--Wayne and Sandy. 
It was the very best part of Christmas, in my book.

And the best of the BEST was this:
Imagine you live a billion miles away from your children, who each happen to live in separate states.  Then you rustle up the frequent flyer miles to go visit one of them.  Then while you are there, the doorbell rings unexpectedly, and THERE right before your eyes is one of your OTHER children with their 5 beautiful kids.  I bet you'd be surprised.  I bet your face would look just like this:

First you would be shocked to your foundation
(although the fact that your daughter-in-law had been wearing her camera for at least an hour might have given rise to slight suspicion, if you're the suspicious type).

Then you would probably begin to feel great joy.
Beloved grand-daughter Megan is now on the scene! (Wonder where she got her red hair?)

 Then you might realize that your mouth had been open REALLY wide.
 Then you might get kind of teary and say something like "Oh You...[sneaky sneak beloved daughter-in-law]."  Although the whole thing was probably organized by your sneaky sneak twin sons, if you have them.

And if you DO have grown-up twin sons, then you probably wouldn't be too shocked that within 30 min. they'd be discussing fart apps for their smart phones.  As in, you jiggle your leg and the amazing motion-sensitive thing makes *ahem* a noise.

Families--gotta love 'em.

James on the left.

P.S. Here is a lovely picture I got of Sandy while she was here.  Hopefully it will make her forgive me for the goofy ones I posted earlier.

Isn't she lovely?

P.P.S  Wayne was surprised too.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Joey Takes the Big Dip

Joey was baptized on November 11th.    He was soooo excited!

Grandma and Grandpa Farnsworth were able to come all the way from New Mexico for the event.

It was a very sweet day for me.  There were 7 kids getting baptized in the stake that day, so there were a LOT of people.  The chapel and the over flow area was full.  James and Sam sang a special musical number.  It was an arrangement of "Come Follow Me" and "How Great the Wisdom and the Love" that I wrote for the event.  (Which made me crazy, but nevermind that.)   It was so precious.
After the baptism Joseph was asked in Sacrament meeting how he felt while he was being baptized.  He said he just felt "really peaceful."  I felt really peaceful too.  I was relieved, *whew* another one safely in the protection of Jesus' atonement.  But one person did not feel peaceful AT ALL.  Guess who?

Danielle screamed bloody murder when he went under the water.   She couldn't understand how we could let him drown like that.  (She never saw him come up cuz she was too busy pitching a MAJOR fit and they closed the curtain.)  Kind of nice to know you are loved, I guess.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Abundance of Sam

Sam in an interesting little fellow.  His goal in life is to grow up and buy a house that has stairs.  It is quite a trial to him that we live in a one-story house.  I say it has helped keep him alive.

Never boring.  He is the only child I know who spontaneously sings scat

Very humble.  He loves to tell adults how they should do things differently.  He has all kinds of ideas for improving the energy grid. 

He is especially prone to hilarity.  He will obediently do anything I ask him to do, except calm down and stop laughing.

What would we do without him? 

Love you, big guy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Which I Brag...

I know there are lots of things I need to post. I still haven't posted our trip to Disneyworld, Danielle, Sam, Joey's or James' birthdays, and Joey's baptism. I know some of you are waiting patiently to see these things. Unfortunately, I am NOT going to post any of those things right now. Because, apparently, it is urgent that I brag about my recent photo shoot with a sweet family in our ward. They took care of Adam while James and I went on the pioneer trek with the youth of our ward. So as a thank you, I took some pictures of their kids at the temple. Look!

I guess I can't take credit for how cute their kids are, but I can try.  I think she looks like an angel.

Littlest man in the family.  7 months old or so.

The biggest brother lookin' cool.

Bambi eyes on this little guy.

 I think this is my favorite. I can't handle the dimple!  Too much cuteness.

You know how you get cute pictures of kids?

Start with cute parents.

Monday, October 4, 2010

All Danielle

Danielle is so funny.

She looooves to flirt.

She likes to try on everybody's shoes.

What she craves most in the world is a big ol' peach or some other fruit that mommy won't give her because of the terrible gastrointestinal consequences that follow.

She makes really cute excited sounds when you go to read a book to her.

People at church love to watch her smile and play peek-a-boo with whoever is behind us.  People tell me they have never seen a baby smile so much. 

Our humble parishoners are NOT as fond of her eardrum-shattering shreiks, which she employs, ya know, just to keep things interesting.

Life is just a big adventure when you are one.

I love my little hija.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spotlight on Adam

Check out the puppy eyes! 
 This little guy is just starting kindergarten.  He loves to learn, and can remember things very easily.  Because his birthday is in January, he was in our church's nursery until he was nearly 4 years-old.  By that time he could recite the 1st 4 Articles of Faith, which surprised his leaders a lot.

Doesn't this picture make you want to tickle him?   He's a goof, and he loves to laugh.  His specialty right now is knock-knock jokes that are not funny, but nevertheless still provoke laughter because he is so exhuberant about joke-telling.  Most of the punchlines have something to do with an eyeball. 

Last Christmas he asked Santa for a pet squid.
He was disappointed.

Look how green his eyes look in this picture!  His eyes are sloooooowly turning green.  How is that possible?  James and I both have very blue eyes.  Maybe it is because green is his FAVORITE color, and he is VERY SAD if he must ever drink from a cup or eat from a plate that is not green.

I love my sweet and silly Adam-boy.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

How to Handle a Summer

At first there is trepidation...oh no, here comes another Arizona summer with its 100+ days of 100+ degrees.  How will we ever survive?  (The real question really should be how the heck was this valley ever settled before air conditioning?)

But it takes you firmly in its grasp, and you learn to love it for what it is...HOT, which is perfect for swimming, so what's the harm in that?!  It also makes snow cones, popsicles, and ice cream more wonderful.

And then all too soon it is coming to an end! 
(But don't worry, it will be hot for a while yet.)

Better enjoy it while you still can!

Check out how James can part the waters.  How very biblical of him.

Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as this little girl is enjoying this swing!
Her favorite word is now the horse sound, FYI.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Joey's Portraits

This little man is going to be 8 years old this fall.
He has puppy dog eyes, and he knows how to use them!

He is the most sensitive of my children, and is vocal as well. This guy knows how to emote!

He is the most affectionate of the bunch, and a good singer to boot--both things that are treasured qualities to a mother.
He is my hardest worker, and will plug diligently along on tedious tasks until he is triumphant.  Go Joey!

I love him infinity, which is little-boy-speak for SOOOO MUCH.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Life in One Picture:

(Click to enlarge)

At certain points in your life you strive for different things.  At some points you try to be as gloriously wonderful as possible in every way.  And at others, you just try REALLY hard to make sure all your kids survive to adulthood.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

BUGS and Other Inescapable Draws

I can't help it.  I love to take pictures of bugs.  *Sigh*  I know you all come to my blog for pictures of bugs, right?  I, of course, recommend that you expand each picture and salivate over the amazingly intricate little creatures that surround us (until we kill them).

I was all focused on this flower, ready to shoot, and this little guy zoomed in for a cameo and departed right after the click.  I luff him...er, her.  All worker bees are female, did you know that?

Geez, go find a roach motel, right?  They were like miniature June bugs.  *Pretty*

Well hello there!

You are not quite as inconspicuous as you think.  You are practically Farnsworth-house green.

Ooooh, my favorite bee shot ever!  And that is saying a lot because I have a BILLION!  You're welcome, you only have to see 2.  Wait, 3.

I kind of like this one too.  Face to face with the Pollinator hard at work.

Be grateful, be very grateful because I did not post all my millions of cactus flower shots.  Ok, maybe just one. 

This picture makes me feel like chocolate is coursing through my veins.  Ahhhhh....