Monday, November 7, 2011


We had a great family reunion with my parents and brothers/sisters plus approximately a billion grandkids.  New York.  In the fall (bing!).  First Niagra Falls, then Palmyra, which is a historical sight for our church.  Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Mom and Heber, her firstborn.  Checks out their highly visible gums--it's almost like they're related.

The oldest grandchild, Allen.  He was a huge sport and took off his coat, even though it freezing (like 54 degress or something) so I could take this art shot in the Sacred Grove.  Notice the carpet of was so fun to crunch our way through as we walked around this beautiful and inspiring place.

Audrey, Laura's 3rd little girl.  Gorgeous child!

Stephanie, the caboose in Heber's family.  Doesn't she look like an angel?

I have my own angel.  This cherubic child would never fight loudly with his brothers on the way home from the bus stop...wait.

Nothing but love here!  Sacred Grove again.

We got lost for about 20 min. looking for the exit from the Sacred Grove.  Adam was concerned. Right after I took this picture he said "Are we going to have to live here from now on?"

My beloved Dad on the Joseph Smith farm.  This picture kind of lets you know what he would look like with a big orange afro, in case you ever wondered.

This tree was on the Hill Cumorah, which I loooved.  The sky was grey, the wood was dark and wet.  It almost seemed like the leaves were producing the light on some trees.


I loved lots of things about the reunion, including, but not limited to:

1.) Hanging out with my awesome siblings until far too late at night (in the hall of the hotel so we wouldn't wake up our kids--kinda surprised no one yelled at us for loitering).

2.) Holding my new little niece, Brianna (Laura's), and nephew, Elliot (Grant's).

3.) Basking in the presence of my parents, who are most dear to me.

4.) Seeing the historical sights (Joseph Smith Farm, Hill Cumorah, Sacred Grove) with so much importance to me in my life...although I did get the distinct feeling that even though sacred things happened on these sights, that any place can be sacred if your heart is turned to God.  But still.

5.) Relishing in the beauty of nature in two of its most audacious displays, Niagra Falls and Autumn in New England.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

PIctures for Mom

A couple of pictures I've taken (or had taken by someone with my camera) in the last couple of months:

Mom and her little brother, Uncle Gary.

Me and James at the big family reunion in Heber.

3 Little boys snatched from blissful bug-catching.

A snapshot of Danielle at the park.

Love ya Mom!  Don't despair, eventually I plan on posting pictures of Palmyra.  :)