Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Which I Brag...

I know there are lots of things I need to post. I still haven't posted our trip to Disneyworld, Danielle, Sam, Joey's or James' birthdays, and Joey's baptism. I know some of you are waiting patiently to see these things. Unfortunately, I am NOT going to post any of those things right now. Because, apparently, it is urgent that I brag about my recent photo shoot with a sweet family in our ward. They took care of Adam while James and I went on the pioneer trek with the youth of our ward. So as a thank you, I took some pictures of their kids at the temple. Look!

I guess I can't take credit for how cute their kids are, but I can try.  I think she looks like an angel.

Littlest man in the family.  7 months old or so.

The biggest brother lookin' cool.

Bambi eyes on this little guy.

 I think this is my favorite. I can't handle the dimple!  Too much cuteness.

You know how you get cute pictures of kids?

Start with cute parents.


Laura said...

Great pictures, Lybi!! I'm very impressed!! Maybe you can take some of our kids while we're there too! Hehe.

Lybi said...

Yea! I love that idea!

Brandon and Camille Smithson said...

you are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!