Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Abundance of Sam

Sam in an interesting little fellow.  His goal in life is to grow up and buy a house that has stairs.  It is quite a trial to him that we live in a one-story house.  I say it has helped keep him alive.

Never boring.  He is the only child I know who spontaneously sings scat

Very humble.  He loves to tell adults how they should do things differently.  He has all kinds of ideas for improving the energy grid. 

He is especially prone to hilarity.  He will obediently do anything I ask him to do, except calm down and stop laughing.

What would we do without him? 

Love you, big guy.

1 comment:

Jacqueline said...

He is a "oner". Suffers from an excess of personality. What a delight he is. The pictures caught him so well. Glad he is ours.